#since 1983
we are cepu
indah meubel
we have been designing and producing custom made furniture exclusive since 1983, with our company being and official establishment since 1987.
One of the first pioneers of interior design and manufacturing company, We refer a lot to central java teakword work art, namely jepara and cepu.
history of us
Cepu indah meubel
Since 1983, the company has been family-run and privately owned. It was the idea of a cepu local bussinessman and trader, The Kim Hoo, who stated pooling raw furniture products from art-workers, did the finishing touches, and finally distribute to end users.
In 1987, the company cepu indah meubel had become officially and professionally managed by the next kids and then grandchildren of Mr. The Kim Hoo, since then cepu indah meubel has extended its services to designing, manufacturing, and installing at our valued customers' residential.

by 2008, expansion to satinless and aluminium application hads been widely used. now, we have combined efficiency, premium design, sleek and precise manufacturing with what most have in mind, PERFECTION.

We bring high quality product since day one. with enticing designs, high funtionality, affordability and of course, the satisfaction we bring, it is definitely impossible to ignore the ravishing product itself. here, we show you the some of the best works done in the past, which simbolize our principals and passion.
so, please enjoy this and be impressed!
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